Thursday, April 2, 2009

1554 from New Belgium Brewing

Completely off my radar about a month ago, New Belgium Brewing has recently permeated all of my local haunts. Its beers come in large bottles with a distinctive appearance: illustrations that remind you of those black-and-white drawings that accompany book chapters of fantasy series like Harry Potter or Redwall (except in color), framed within an herbaceous border.

The name of this variety is 1554. It is apparently a knock-off of the French beer Kronenbourg 1664, although it is admittedly a bit darker than I remember Kronenbourg having been.

New Belgium Brewing is of course located in New Belgium, a colony that exists in Belgium's dreams. The slave trade is still quite active in New Belgium, and I guess that the distinctive dark color of this beer is the natural result of its handling by African slaves. An excellent beer, though likely to put you to sleep.

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