Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smoking in the p.m.

Definitely not something I'm trying to talk shit about.  Probably 80% of smoking takes place in the p.m.  Most people smoke only in the p.m. because, as discussed in previous posts, smoking in the a.m. can make you too distracted to actually do important shit or go to work.

Is there any good to be said about smoking in the p.m., asde from the fact that it is better for most people's schedules?  This is a very interesting question -- I think I'll get high in order to better ponder it.  It will be "p.m." for another 7 minutes, and then I'll just be smoking in the a.m., but not in the glamorous sense as described in previous posts.  It's fun to smoke in the early morn', but smoking in the late, late night is just kind of fucking yourself since you probably won't get anything done.

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