Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smoking in the a.m., Part 3

I thought I would report on a little a.m. smoking of my own.  Used to be that if I could manage to make coffee first thing in the morning, then I could manage to stay awake and do some work.  Well, making coffee is a bit of a pain in the ass when you're real tired, even if you prepped some of it the night before.  I found, though, that if I can manage to smoke first thing, then it is virtually certain that I will want coffee right afterwards.  And since marijuana has maybe a stronger draw than coffee, this helps me get up in the morning.

The only potential snag is that on account of the euphoria of a morning smoke, you are more likely than normal to get sidetracked.  When you're high in the morning, it is easy to fall into kind of a vacation mindset.  Suddenly your house or apartment is a vacation home, and you are on vacation in it.  Common symptoms of the vacation mindset include a strong desire to make bacon and eggs, a strong desire to drink (if you're a drinking man), sudden formation of plans to go off on random sightseeing ventures around town, etc.  Thus, if a morning smoke is part of your morning plans, you may want to wake up even earlier to allow time for pursuing random distractions.  And if you do, for example, make bacon and eggs for yourself at 7 a.m., you're gonna want to smoke again afterwards, so you need to allow time for that, too.

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