Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smoking in the a.m., Part 2

More from Bony Tony:

What up P-rizzle,
    It's 5:18 AM and I've got one rewrite left to grade.  I gotta grade that maahfukkah (5 minutes), record all the grades I done been doin' (10 minutes), write the literature day lesson plan (1 hour, tops), take a shower and get dressed (30 minutes), make some coffee and clean up the kitchen (15 minutes), and finish reading the Apologie de Raimon Sebond (2 hours).  As far as I can tell, that'll all take me until 9:30 AM, allowing for 9 minutes' time lost not doing diddly squat.  Now, if we allow for 50 minutes' time not doing diddly squat, I can watch two more episodes of Trailer Park Boys, which would be tight.  That makes it 10:11 AM and not 9:30, but I can record the grades on the bus, which will allow me to catch said bus on time.  Time to repack the bowl!

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