Saturday, March 7, 2009

late night pleasures

This would be a contribution to "Smoking in the P.M." I guess - I routinely get up earlier than my wife and get high in the early morning, but sometimes on the weekends my schedule will vary. Tonight, such variance is at hand, as it is two minutes to midnight and I find myself still awake, preparing to enjoy the pleasures of the late-night weedothon for at least another hour. I'm talking Tagalong ice cream (yes, Edy's really does make that), some de-stemmed and de-seeded crumbly shake, Spaten Optimator and The Wire. And some porn. And blogging with you happenin' cats. So I'd have to say that I can't knock the P.M. smokefest, either. Conclusion: get high in the mornin', high at night, high in the afternoon and keep ya head right! Today I got high and lightly drunk all day, but got some tremendous work done on a pesky Renaissance poetry paper that's been dogging me since last semester (currently languishing as an Incomplete). In fact, without exactly trying to, I recalled my successful paper-writing method that I had developed in my first three years of grad school and then forgotten this year, much to my dismay. So I'd say Mary Jane and I are on the comeback trail. Catch you on the flipside, potheads.

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