Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Smoke or Not To Smoke

The question is a common one and one that I believe goes through the mind of smokers much more than non-smokers.  Having experienced both realities I have come up with list of why you SHOULD smoke despite the paranoid thoughts that may sometimes tell you the opposite.
-it is fun
-music sounds better
-movies high are different from the same movie sober, it is like a double feature
-Phelps smokes and he is the best athlete EVER  
-you WILL make those same stupid mistakes (like locking your keys in your car) even when sober for multiple years 
-it is better than smoking cigarettes
-you will not become a heroin addict unless you choose to
-you are not supporting terrorist, more like starving artist who sell weed part time
-food taste much better, amazing actually, this is the best ice cream I have EVER had

and last but not least, Otto from The Simpsons was famously quoted as saying "I don't even need drugs to enjoy this, just to enhance it!"

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