Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The sobriety experiments, day three

I've lately discovered some benefits to not getting high during the weekday.  I hate to admit it, but I think I've been a little more focused and productive.  This might just be explained by the fact that my routine when smoking consists of frequent runs into secluded areas of the outdoors, which can cause a lot of discontinuities in a work schedule.

I was reading this WHO report on marijuana, and I think that the writers are trying to be cool by making these insider references.
Causal inferences about the long-term effects of chronic cannabis use become more difficult the longer the interval between use and the occurrence of the ill effects; the longer the interval, the more numerous the alternative explanations that need to be excluded.
Chronic cannabis use?  Do you mean the effects of chronically smoking, or the effects of smoking The Chronic?  Of all the alternative words that mean 'frequent', they picked chronic.

Later on:
A heavy smoker may consume five or more joints per day, while heavy users in Jamaica, for example, may consume up to 420 mg THC per day.
How many milligrams, exactly?  The single-most emblematic numerical symbol of weed smoking?  Was this shit written in the Netherlands?

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