Friday, February 6, 2009

Smoking in Moderation

Now I have at one point been that guy whose life most closely resembled the lyrics of a song by the classic hip hip duo Lost Boyz.  For those unfamiliar, these are not uncommon lyrics: 
Stereo system with crazy cds
Understand cause she got cheese
She said cheeks do what you want
She said Im gonna feed the dog
I said alright well Im gonna roll this blunt
She came back with stretch pants and a ponytail, a t-shirt
A yo, fam I got a tender-roni girl
Were sitting on the couch chattin
Were smoking blunts off the balcony
Were staring at manhattan now
She started feeling on my chest
I started feeling on the breasts
And theres no need for me to stress the rest
A yo, I got myself a winner
We sparked a blunt before we ate
And a blunt after we ate dinner

That being said, as of the last year or two I have actually developed a strong system of moderation.  It started purely as an experiment in self control and became a sort of "game" with myself.  Being broke and unemployed during the recession also helped provide direct motivation towards the "lets see how long I can make this G last" game.  I got rather good at it.
Now I have worked myself into enough of a rhythm where I smoke 1/10 of what I used to.  Here are some ideas to think about:

-I get WAYYYYY higher now because my tolerance is always low, though I still smoke often

-I get all my to-do lists finished because I operate on my own customized set of rules (for example: No smoking before 7pm), before I set no limit at all and I found myself smoking early in the day and then receiving a call back from a potential job offer to interview that day (awkward), which leads me directly to my next and possibly most important point:

-Seperate shit that needs to be done SOBER from everything else

-My house AND/OR apartment no longer smells funny


-During many points of my life I hung with associates and friends who always appeared when the bong came out, yet never appeared with a bong to offer, and a lot of the weed I bought was going up in smoke
-If I see cops, I no longer get paranoid

-I read much more and in general I utilize my time better because I realized that weed is an extremely social drug and it is not being high that is inconvenient, it is going to this guys house, trying to find an ATM machine, meeting that guy at 5 to get some, crossing the street or taking a different road because I see a cop, then splitting a bowl with that guy across town while finding time to eat in between and still doing the dishes... 

But I want to make one thing especially clear.  I am not judging or pointing out flaws in the Constant PotHead.  I am merely explaining my current situation and the various pros and cons of it for posterity.  If my buddy invited me to a 2 day camp out with an ounce we wouldn't see the forest for the trees, if you catch my drift.  But there is a time and a place for everything, and this is my time for moderation.  And guess what, smoking myself stupid for a large number of consecutive years clearly didn't have any negative effects on me or my ability to "snap out of it". The only thing I regret now is not saving all those joint and blunt roaches which I casually threw out of the window or into the sewer drain.  I am sure that if I fused them all together they would wrap around the earth twice if not thrice.

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  1. sounds like the kind of routine that all smokers (except legitimate cancer patients) should stick to, not just those who are forced into moderation by whatever circumstances. good call on separating the *sober* shit out from the rest. i'm really starting to find that i need to reclassify a lot of stuff i do as 'sober'.