Friday, March 6, 2009

Quantity VS. Quality

This is a famous question debated amongst even the greatest of potheads, like Arnold.  Quantity or Quality?Quality is good because it REALLY fucks you, however fucking your wallet in the process.  Quantity saves you money, but can you find good weed for cheap? 
   My stance is that you can.  During this day and age, money has to be tight amongst the masses.  Quantity is........

This is a funny half-post which I wrote weeks ago and never finished.  Here are some interesting bullet points:
* I had just smoked the newest bag I bought from the same co-worker described in post "The Games We All Play", who is now my drug dealer. She gets good weed for quantity, somewhere between Mexican Brick Weed and the marijuana formerly known as "Beasters". I recieved about 8 grams for 5o bones.  
* Directly after smoking I began to write, obviously then becoming side tracked with the obsession of linking Arnold Schwarzenegger into the post as a humor device. After the link, which was harder than I thought, I had apparently lost all motivation (or perhaps became occupied with a more important project.
* I was going to write how badass QUANTITY was, but after a couple weeks of smoking it I think I may prefer QUALITY now- because the "Middies" I have makes me a little tired and at times makes my head feel heavy.  I also have to roll huge Marley Spliffs because I need a lot of it to get to a good place.  The habit of smoking these large joints has fed upon itself and in two weeks I have more than tripled my prior smoking habit.  But it is MUUCHHH cheaper.  I guess the conclusion I can make is that you get what you pay for.
* This entire post reminded me of something a friend of mine told me in college, which he had apparently read in a magazine like Maxim or Stuff.  It was as follows:  If you have a lot to do during the day and you still want to smoke, then here is a solution.  This will also come in handy amongst weed smokers whom want to make their weed last.  Invest in a really nice glass bong (like a Roor-if you don't know then google it).  Then invest in some really good weed like Super Headies.  The night before you go to sleep, pack a nice "snap" (as my California friend used to say meaning a personal bowl or one-hitter). Wake up in the morning, shower, eat and then take the hit.  According to the magazine article you will maintain a steady high throughout the entire day, even many hours after, yet still be functional enough to get the work done.  

After I research this theory a little more I will get back to you.      

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