Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting High vs. Getting Arrested

True story.  As I was walking to my weekly night class tonight in lower Manhattan, I spotted three baggy pants wearing thug-image types walking side by side in a line across the very wide sidewalk.  They were walking downtown and I was going uptown.  Being NYC, the sidewalks are always packed with people and to the average observer, I assume, there was nothing to be noted.  Keep in mind that I was still very far, maybe 20 feet away, when a little red (or maybe green) flag went off in my mind.  They ARE smoking weed, it indicated.
This assumption seemed to be purely based on a few key factors, the real question is: Did I notice this because I am a seasoned smoker myself with Marijuana constantly on the mind OR would a trained police officer also notice the small details I noticed which were as follows:

1) baggy clothes, thug image- more likely a drug user than a nerd or prep image
2) walking side by side in an almost perfect line (for passing the joint)- not a normal way to walk
3) only one person smoking- from a distance I only noticed one flick of fire among the three   
4) I also noticed that a small ember dropped from the cigarette which struck me as being unusually bigger than normal

As all this was running through my head on some subconscious level, I soon passed within a close enough distance and took a whiff of the air to test my "police dog" nose and BAAAMMM!!!  The smell of weed was faint but definitely there.  Whether they rolled a pure joint or one mixed with tobacco is not clear. However, some definite conclusions can be drawn from this situation to aid the average city-smoking Pothead in his constant avoidance of all things Police.

Please refer back to the original numbers for comparison: 

1) if you must hit the public streets and smoke, is it too paranoid to dress a little less  "criminal" to begin with, maybe not
2) DONT walk in an unusual or sketchy way, I know you don't want to miss the spliff rotation, but getting arrested is much worse
3) light up a cigarette with the joint, it can only help with the damning aroma and your overall appearance to the public, even if point #2 isn't followed
4) roll your joints tighter, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!

I will continually post new Stoner Tips, call me paranoid if you will, but this post wasn't published from jail and I have been smoking so long I saw "Half Baked" in the theaters wasted.

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