Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Games We All Play

The games we all play are funny.  I realized this at work, I work weekends at a Bed, Bath and Beyond-like establishment.  One of my co-workers and I are pretty close seeing as she likes to talk a lot and I like to listen.  Today we were talking about some random things when for some reason we went off on another subject and she used to word "herp" which I could barely hear since she said it in such a low voice.  
  "What?" I said, seeing her glance around in both directions, a third employee who was also there talking with us also began to speak in a lower tone.
  "Herp," said the third employee.  "What is Herp?"
  "Not herp," she replied.  "Herb, you know...(making a smoking gesture with her fingers)."
  It was a funny coincidence that the co-founder of The Weed Blog had up until this point concealed his true colors regarding drugs of any kind.  The woman, she was about 40, looked at me like I was a newcomer, and came closer.
  "Herb, weed, marijuana," she said, moving much closer in proximity to me now.  She then smiled in a sly way, the kind of gesture that clearly indicated she waited every day until six o'clock to get off work, run home and take a bong hit.
  This was when I realized that I had known this person for nearly four months now and the subject of smoking had never come up between us.  I remembered moments when one of us would come close to the subject and I would back off with the attitude of 'I don't do drugs' which is an idea that I do stand behind because I don't believe Mary Jane is a drug.  
  In any case, it made me think.  We clearly both smoke and have been keeping it a secret from each other due to the work environment.  It made me think how many people actually smoke but keep it a secret for whatever reason from someone else.  It would be ignorant to think that this theory didn't apply to even the most respectable professions: real estate agents, lawyers, brokers, drivers, chefs, doctors and cops.  Thats a fact Jack. 

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